Atlanta In Media

The increase in media industries investment and production in Atlanta (and throughout the state of Georgia) not only impacts the job prospects of our local creative communities, it influences the way that citizens understand their home. Whether it is through daily encounters with detours brought by filming in local neighborhoods, the transformation of a city into a media hub, or seeing ones local park be the setting of a battle between heroes and villains, the media industries transform how people understand their sense of place.

Professor Vicki Mayer explains that “location involves both history and geography, but it is also phenomenological, as in a sense of place….People frequently say their city is like a state of mind, but beyond the metaphorical, everyday life has temporal and spatial rhythms that are tethered not only to the conscious feelings we have about places, but also to the unconscious structures of governments and institutions, markets and economies” (3, 2017). Just as Mayer, looked at the ways that “Hollywood film production and the construction of a place called ‘New Orleans’ conflict, disrupt, and disable each other,” we want to examine the ways that Atlanta is used in film and television production and how it transforms the relationship between citizens and the places in their state.

Here you will find images comparing a place with its appearance in media. Students and faculty of Georgia State University’s School of Film, Media & Theatre have contributed commentary to a map to contextualize what a place represented before and after its depiction in media, in the hopes of thinking about the “conflict” that Mayer identifies as a cultural impact that film and media tax credits initiate.