Sleepy Hollow Farm

Pumpkin Farm

Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 1, 18:00

by Catherine Rakowiecki

Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Spring, GA is the home of Strangers Things’ locations such as Hopper’s cabin, the pumpkin patch, and the corn maze all seen in season 2 of the series. The farm was known for being the typical family farm with pumpkin patches and corn mazes in October and Christmas trees during the holidays. Now, because of the filming of Stranger Things, the farm has a whole new attraction for fans all around Georgia. Sleepy Hollow Farm has embraced their role in Stranger Things history by offering tours during October and November where fans of the show can go on a tour of all the locations in the show along with their usual holiday activities. The production helped keep the farm going according to its owners Brad and Suzie Kimmel when talking to the AJC. Booking the farm with locations is the only thing they turn a profit on, and working with production has been “nothing but a pleasure.”

Sleepy Hollow Farms is also a good example of the ways media projects can establish meaningful relationships to the local community. Work done by Helen Morgan Parmett has demonstrated how productions such as Treme (HBO, 2010-13) related to local communities in New Orleans. In this case, the location scout who found Sleepy Hollow Farm grew up in Douglassville, Ga and was able to help Stranger Things contribute to the local economy by revamping interest in a family farm that he went to as a kid. The location manager is also an Atlanta native and has worked on numerous production around Georgia including We are Marshall and X-Men: First Class building up a repertoire as a great locations manager in Georgia. Stranger Things hires a lot of local extras to be in the series. After shooting completed recently for season 3, the production invited all the extras that worked on the series to go to Sleep Hollow Farm for the Stranger Things tours.