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The Atlanta Media Mapping Project is an initiative of the Atlanta Media Project (AMP) in the Department of Communication. We aim to conduct a multi-method analysis of the Atlanta media industries that includes the following specific outputs:

1. To conduct a quantitative survey of media industry workers.
This will be the first comprehensive survey of Atlanta-based media industries professionals that includes both those working in management and “below the line” positions. It will provide a key source of data that documents the range of activities, from cinema to new media, going on in the Atlanta metro-area as well as the experiences and opinions about those activities of media industries professionals across a wide-range of expertise and levels of responsibility.

2. To conduct qualitative interviews with Atlanta-based media industry workers.
As of yet, no organization has conducted in-depth interviews with the range of media workers involved in the Atlanta media industry. We believe that interviews provide a key source of information about the qualitative experiences of those participating in the “ATLWood” media boom; these will complement quantitative survey results providing a key source of data for current and future media industries scholarship.

3. To create an interactive geo-mapping of the Atlanta Media Industry.
While several organizations have constructed lists of media organizations and productions taking place in the Atlanta metro area, this mapping will be the first systematic multi-level data source that aggregates qualitative and quantitative sources of information, which we believe are fundamental for understanding how the boom in media production is influencing the city of Atlanta. The map will provide a visual representation of several data-sources including: data from the industry survey (output 1), edited selections from the videotaped in-depth interviews (output 2), SEC filings, data from the Georgia Film, Video and Entertainment Sourcebook, as well as other data aggregated by our research team. The map will allow visitors to zero in on such trends as: industry type; percentage of individual production funds invested in the local economy; and connections with other media capitals (e.g. New York and Los Angeles).

4. To document the discourse around the Atlanta Media Industry.
Every day, articles are written about the Atlanta Media Industries. In order to become an authority on production in the area it is important that we stay up to date on the latest happenings. We will curate and investigate the reports that are posted each day and use this resource to look for partnerships or create commentary on events in the industry.

The Atlanta Media Project Interactive Maps

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Atlanta Mapping Project Company Map

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Top Photo Credit: “Atlanta at sunset – HDR” by Steve Hardy. Original via flickr.
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